GEP Resources

According to the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), gender equality plans (GEPs) should consist of set of actions that “articulate a strategic view aimed at achieving gender equality”. EIGE defined ten thematic areas around which a range of activities and instruments can be mobilised, depending of the nature and needs of the organisation that is implementing GEPs.

The R&I PEERS project builds on a comprehensive body of research and expert-led activities carried out around each of these themes, including three kinds of awareness-building actions, referenced below.  To join the R&I PEERS Community, and learn more about the Gender Equality Plans implemented in the project, please visit the R&I PEERS platform here.

1.  Work-Life Balance

2.  Mentoring

3.  Gender-sensitive Language Use

4. Raising Awareness about Gender Equality within the Organisation

a)  General

b)  Raising Awareness about Gender Bias in Decision-Making Bodies

c)  Preventing and Sanctioning Disrespectful Behaviour, Abuse and Sexual Harassment

5.  Integrating Gender in Research and Curricula

6.  Reducing the Gender Gap in Decision-Making Bodies

7.  Supporting Career and Excellence of Female Researchers