Gender Equality Plans as Changemaker: Successful Practices for Sustainability

The third R&I Peers Multisectoral conference took place on 9 December 2021. The purpose of this conference was to discuss and bring to light the good results and working practices within the Gender Equality Plans of the R&I Peers project, as well as that of other GEP initiatives. The aim was to disseminate activities, practices and policies that could eventually lead and become a best practice.

An effective GEP should consider gender equality both in terms of an organisation’s internal processes, as well as the impact of its broader research outputs. When building and implementing a GEP there are several “building blocks” that need to be present in order to insure some success. These can be defined as process-based elements (i.e. dedicated resources, internal monitoring, official endorsement, etc.) and content-based elements (i.e. organizational culture, gender balance in decision making bodies, gendered research, etc.).

These were foundation of an exchange of “good practices” at the conference where the changemakers in the environment were discussed with different GEP implementing bodies. To enrich and dive deeper into the organizational realities, hands-on experiences were shared from witnesses who had to implement and run such changes internally. 

The R&I Peers conference was joined by science and innovation leaders, decision makers, researchers and practitioners who eagerly shared learnings on gender equality in R&I.

Link to the original event communication may be found here.

Outputs and presentations from the conference may be found below, with more to be added as they come available.