Past Events

Please find here events and activities of the R&I PEERS community, as assembled by our project team.*  Please contact us to share events and news!


Date Venue / Host Event & Link Project Involvement Description
4-5 May 2018 Milan, IT Plan and Manage an Innovation Plan
Confindustria Management and implementation of innovative projects
16 May 2018 Sala Stampa “Biagio Agnes” –  Salerno, IT First Gender Budgeting of UNISA UNISA – Organization and Presentation of Results Analysis and evaluation in a gender perspective of the political choices and of the economic/financial commitments of UNISA
8 June 2018 Sala Teatro – Istituto Comprensivo Statale Rita Levi Montalcini –

Salerno, IT

Knowledge and Training for Change UNISA – Sponsor Educational paths for the affirmation of a gender culture

full citizenship of differences

against all forms of violence and discrimination

19 June 2018 European Parliament Brussels, BE Future of Work and the Role of Women Entrepreneurs DLI – Speaker Women Leaders of today and tomorrow building up the future of work and entrepreneurship
19 June 2018 The Egg – Brussels, BE DIGITAL4HER
DLI – Moderator More women in digital, a strategy for growth and equality.
4 July 2018 Naples, IT Women Scientists and scientific dissemination from the late nineteenth century to the forties of the twentieth century (IT)
UNISA – Participant Seminar including an analysis of the topic related to women scientists in Italy
8-9 September 2018 KTH Royal Institute of Technology – Stockholm, SE Move It Forward 2018 STOCKHOLM with Women of the Diaspora DLI – Organiser & Workshop leader Female digital starter event whose objective is to give teen and adult women  skills to become digital entrepreneurs and leaders, and to support them in driving positive change in their communities.
12 September 2018 Polytechnic School, – Palermo, IT Steering girls to STEM – Initiatives and tools for making STEM careers more attractive for young girls UNISA – Poster presentaton A satellite event in the frame of IEEE RTSI 2018 – 4th International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry “Innovation to shape the future”. This event has as the main objective to present the current initiatives aimed at fostering and stimulating women’s presence in STEM, sharing the consolidated know how and focusing on related benefits and drawbacks at the same time. The exigency of availability of tools for making STEM careers more attractive for young girls will be also highlighted.
September 14th 2018 Salerno, IT “INNOVATION LAB” Confindustria Planning new project activities related to innovation in companies
September 14th 2018 Rectorate of the University of Belgrade The Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade ZRC SAZU- participation An event on gender equality in Serbian higher education institutions where also the R&I PEERS project was presented
September 2018 Ministry of education, science and sport – Ljubljana, SLO Meeting of the Commission for equal opportunities in science ZRC SAZU – Member/Contributor Regular meeting of the Commission addressing issues of Women and Equal opportunities in science
12 October 2018 University of Florence, Firenze, IT Women and Science from past to present UNISA – Oral Presentation Women and Science
18 October 2018 National Council for the Advancement of Women in Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology – Israel Gender equality in 2018 MIGAL – Participant The purpose of the conference is to provide an up-to-date overview of innovative thinking, research and action to promote gender equality and fairness in a variety of areas of life, as well as the importance of gender equality and its positive impact on the future of the general public.
23-24 October 2018 UNISA  -Fisciano, IT Collective Intelligence and Innovative Territories. Transitions, Cultural Changes and Inequalities UNISA – Organizer 17th International Conference INTI International Network of Territorial Intelligence,  4th International Conference ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge, with the patronage of OGEPO UNISA .
October 2018 MIGAL -South Industrial Zone,

Kiryat-Shmona, IL

Info day/Launch event MIGAL – Organizer Presentation event of the R&I PEERS Project – main objectives, presentation of the questionnaire results.
10-11 November 2018 Webster University – Leiden Campus
Lieden, NL
Move It Forward for Women’s Health & Nutrition
DLI – Organiser & Workshop leader Female digital starter event whose objective is to give teen and adult women skills to become digital entrepreneurs and leaders, and to support them in driving positive change in their communities.
10 November 2018 to 6 December 2018 UNISA – Fisciano, IT Violence Explained UNISA – Organizer Training Seminar on the topic of gender violence. Violence understood not only as physical and sexual abuse, but also economic, psychological and symbolic, linked to stereotypes, discrimination, mobbing, stalking and all those behaviors that cause damages of physical, psychological and existential nature.
December 2018 Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts –  Ljubljana, SLO Round table on Using Gender Sensitive Language ZRC SAZU – Organizer Discussing the state of affairs, previous and current initiatives; bringing together various actors 
January 2019 UNISA – Fisciano, IT Gender communication: a qualified network for equal opportunities UNISA- Co-organized with the Campania Region and the other universities of the region Proper use of gender language in the Public Administration
January 2019 MIGAL –  South Industrial Zone,

Kiryat-Shmona, IL

Round table: TBD MIGAL – Organizers Meeting with the representatives of Regional Authorities, Tel-Hai Academic College and other stakeholders. Presenting the R&I Peers Project and discussing future opportunities for collaboration.
January 2019 Brussels, BE 1st Synergy conference ZRC SAZU – Participation A conference of the sister project ACT that will bring together COST, EURAXESS and Science Europe Network members
February 2019 UNISA – Fisciano, IT UNISA – Organization of the event Presentation of the preliminary results of the UNISA survey on Gender Equality carried out within the R&I Peers Project
February 2019 CIC nanoGUNE –

San Sebastián, ES

CIC nanoGUNE – Organization of the event Presentation of the results of the 1st survey on Gender Equality and Welfare carried out together with the first Gender Equality Plan at CIC nanoGUNE
February 2019 CIC nanoGUNE –

San Sebastián, ES

CIC nanoGUNE – Co-organization of the event with other local research institutes Yearly activities for the celebration of the International Day (11 February) of Women and Girls in Science
8 March 2019 UNISA – Fisciano, IT Women’s Library UNISA – Organization of the event Presentation event for a library, as a gathering place for events, readings and presentations of gender-oriented books
March 2019 TBD Workshop MIGAL – Organizers The main idea is to promote gender equality among people from MIGAL, Tel-Hai College and other stakeholders. External lecturers will be invited, as well as National Contact Points for Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Actions under Horizon 2020.
March 2018 Ministry of Education, Science and Sport – Ljubljana, SLO Annual conference dedicated to women and equal opportunities in science ZRC SAZU – Participation and project presentation A yearly meeting, discussion of current issues, presentation of ongoing projects
May 2019 Israel
Workshop for women academics MIGAL – Organizers Mentoring young women researchers to write good proposal
June 2019 Israel Field trip MIGAL – Organizers Field trip of young women researchers from the periphery to Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem Universities to meet academic women who will explain their successes

*Please check details with event organisers.  Neither the R&I PEERS project nor its consortium members are responsible for the accuracy of this information which is provided for informational purposes only.