Stakeholder Events

Date Location Event Project Role Description
3 February 21 Online, MIGAL Communication MIGAL, Sigal Fishman An open exposure meeting that will deal with “effective communication and presentation skills.”
22 February 21 Online, hosted by Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MI SANU)   International Stakeholders Workshop “Gender Budgeting in Research Institutions” DLI, Katja Legisa participated in the conference LeTSGEPs project “Leading Towards Sustainable Gender Equality Plans in Research Performing Organisations”. The event focused on Power of Gender Budgeting in Tackling Inequalities
4 March 21 Online training (co-organised by Gender Equality Academy and Gender SMART) Introductory online training on the sex and gender dimension in sciences and technology fields  ANPR This training aims at familiarising the participants with basic concepts and definitions about integrating sex and gender in research content. It will go through the main issues at stake about gender in research.
8 March 21 Online, hosted by ZRC SAZU Women’s work: from factory to office and elsewhere   Sperker, Dr. Jovana Mihajlović Trbovc, ZRC SAZU   The discussion focused on women’s penetration into science, and on the gradual but persistent deviation from the shackles of patriarchal social norms.  
8 March 21 Online, hosted by Swedish Embassy in Tunisia How to strengthen and guarantee the presence of women in the political sphere? ANPR Presence of women as voters or candidates, the situation in Tunisia 10 years after the revolution. The legal and institutional mechanisms that must be put in place to guarantee the presence of women
11March 21 Online, organized by TARGET and GEECCO projects Joint virtual conference of TARGET and GEECCO DLI Discussion on GEP experiences of RFOs and RPOs with policy-makers, gender experts and practitioners 
12 March 21 UFZG, Zagreb Women and communism Tanja Petrović & Jovana Mihajlović from ZRC SAZU Tanja Petrović & Jovana Mihajlović Trbovc: Agency, Biography and Temporality: (Un)making women’s biographies in the wake of loss of the socialist project in Yugoslavia
15 March 21 Webinar on ZOOM, organised by the students’ association LINK Fisciano Webinar: Beyond March the 8th. Feminisms and their formation Speaker UNISA/OGEPO The webinar has the aim to retrace the main historical steps of feminist movements
18March 21 Webinar USCISA Antwerpen Gender, conflict, citizenship and belonging. Masculinities/Femininities in Times of Crisis Tanja Petrović, from ZRC SAZU  In this meeting, scholars examine the role of (ideological) constructions of ideal and normative masculinities and their alternatives in times of crisis
26 March 21 Webinar on ZOOM Webinar: Gender equality policies and Horizon 2020 Speaker UNISA/OGEPO The webinar responds to UNISA’s GEP key area “Integrating gender perspective in research and curricula”, specifically task: Guidance session for high-school students
31 March 21 High Level Event: City of sciences (Tunis – Tunisia) / Delegation of EC in Tunisia 10 years of EU-TN cooperation ANPR: Exhibition & Contribution to the development of the EU projects catalogue The promotion of Programs, projects and actions carried out by Tunisian organizations within the framework of cooperation with the EC during the last 10 years
End of March/early April 2021 Webinar on ZOOM, organised by the students’ association AEGEE-Salerno Webinar: What is gender equality? Speaker UNISA/OGEPO The webinar aims to involve students and PhD students’ associations in the main strategic actions of the project aimed at building gender awareness.
20 April 21 Online, hosted by DLI The impact of gender equality plans on internal and external stakeholders: Lessons in engagement from the R&I PEERS project   All R&I Peers partners   The event will focus on the internal and external impact of the GEP implementation  
April 21 Online, project SOILdarity Workshop on women empowerment and gender equality, responsible research and innovation MIGAL, Sigal Fishman Presentation of R&I PEERS implementation and MIGAL activities
27 April 21 Online Workshop ‘Women empowerment, gender equality, responsible research & innovation’ CNR Speech “Inclusion and empowerment, the importance of monitoring for self assessment. The experience of R&I Peers”  
28 April 21 Online training (Gender Equality Academy) How to communicate “gender” in times of resistance ANPR Sensitise about the importance of gender-sensitive communication and provide introduction to what this notion might entail  
9 June 21 Hotel Arima, San Sebastián, Spain/Aspegi 6ª Edición – Diálogos: Profesionales Independientes en sectores masculinizados CICnanoGUNE How are careers evolving in masculinised sectors?  
16 June 21 On-line workshop Ljubljana, Slovenia GENDER EQUALITY AUDIT AND MONITORING (GEAM) ZRC SAZU   Introduction into the GEAM survey and experiences from the GEAM application  
21-22 June 21 University of Aveiro, Portugal ICGR 2021 – 4th International Conference on Gender Research UNISA Conference on Gender Research intends to be established in the cutting edge of gender research and welcome researchers in this area to present their work.
9-10 July 21 Palacio de Miramar, San Sebastián, Spain/Aspegi Business leadership by women, towards higher up positions in decision-making CICnanoGune
15-17 September 21 Online 11th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education   Lecture given by Dr. Jovana Mihajlović Trbovc, ZRC SAZU Advancing gender mainstreaming in Academia, Research and Innovation