The following are events organised by the R&I Peers Project Consortium during the course of the project.  Planning is subject to change without notice, so please stay tuned here for updates!

Date Location Event Description
Project consortium meetings
24-25 May 2018 Fisciano, Italy Kick-Off Meeting Host: OGEPO-UNISA
5-6(7)Nov. 2018 Rome, Italy 2nd Consortium Meeting Host: CNR
May 2019 3rd Consortium Meeting Training “Using the GARCIA toolkit to integrate the gender dimension into research content”
October 2019 Greece or Slovenia 4th Consortium Meeting GSGE & ZRC
May 2020 5th Consortium Meeting
November 2020 Spain 6th Consortium Meeting
May 2021 7th Consortium Meeting
November 2021 Italy 8th Consortium Meeting Host: CNR
Review Meetings – TBC
November 2019 Belgium 1st review meeting
February 2021 Belgium 2nd review meeting
April 2022 Belgium 3rd meeting
Mutual Learning Workshops
4-5-(6) November 2018 Rome, Italy 1st Mutual Learning Workshop
November 2019 Greece, or Slovenia 2nd Mutual Learning Workshop Training “The barriers and boundaries of application of GE policies in Europe”
November 2020 Spain 3rd Mutual Learning Workshop Training “Best practices in the achievement of gender equality”
November 2021 Italy 4th Mutual Learning Workshop Training “Recovery actions suggested by the peers in consultation workshops”
Validation and Consultation Workshops
End-July/Beg-August 2019 Workshop for 20-25 participants
End-July/Beg-August 2020 Workshop for 20-25 participants
End-July/Beg-August 2021 Workshop for 20-25 participants
Multi-sectoral Conferences
July 2019 Italy 1st R&I Peers multi-sectoral conference
July 2020 Spain 2nd R&I Peers multi-sectoral conference
July 2021 Greece 3rd R&I Peers multi-sectoral conference
April  2022 Belgium 4th R&I Peers multi-sectoral conference