MIGAL Women’s Program Leads Women – Investigators under EU Project – R&I PEERs

The R&I PEERS project implementation at MIGAL designed to develop activities with a group of women researchers from various fields of knowledge and expertise. The idea was to lead the research at the MIGAL Institute for scientific excellence and to encourage a research breakthrough.

The training program was planned to contain a variety of workshops, lectures, and meetings aimed at enriching the women’s tool basket, improve skills and create rich scientific and domestic cooperation. Also regional and national industries, which will contribute to the future development of knowledge in the Galilee, with the added involvement of women, in the fields of agriculture, environment, biotechnology and food science. This training involves over 20 women researchers.

Fig 1: Women research at a meeting to study and practice academic writing in English

The challenge overdue the project is due to the existing inequality in senior positions. In the survey conducted at the beginning of the project, it indicated that despite that at the pre-student stage the number of women and men is equivalent, it varies considerably in the examination of the researchers in positions as primary researchers.

Text Box: Fig 1: Senior and junior researchers by gender at MIGAL
Fig 2: Senior and junior researchers by gender at MIGAL

The women’s training program in research that been carried out all year, has been a huge success and we have a new plan for next year.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science with ZRC SAZU

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science will be marked by the traditional roundtable on 7 March, taking place at the premises of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport . The roundtable will be divided in two parts: first, the participants will try to elaborate the strategies and measures to ensure the translation of one-time measures for increasing equal opportunities in the academic sphere into longer-term changes. Second, Gender Equality Plans developed by various research institutions will be presented, with specific focus on ZRC SAZU’s Gender Equality Plan. It will be presented by Dr. Oto Luthar, the Director of ZRC SAZU, and Dr. Tanja Petrović, the coordinator of the R&I PEERS project at ZRC SAZU

An important meeting

In the framework of the R&I PEERS project, a workshop for early career researchers was organized on 22 February hosting Dr. Dean Vuletic from Vienna University. Dr. Vuletic discussed the various strategies for successful applications for international scholarships as well as the opportunities for young scholars’ career advancement.


Photo by: Marko Zaplatil

A newsletter for everyone out there


ZRC SAZU published the first issue of Gender and Science newsletter. The newsletter will be published regularly to inform the general public about various activities in the field of gender research and equal opportunities in the academic sphere and at the ZRC SAZU. The ZRC SAZU Institute of Culture and Memory Studies is currently involved in two international projects on the subject: R&I PEERS(Pilot Experiences for Improving Gender Equality in Research Organizations) and ACT(Communities of Practice for Accelerating Gender Equality and Institutional Change in Research and Innovation across Europe – Community Practices for Promoting Gender Equality and Institutional Changes in the European Scientific and Research Sphere). The two projects aim at enabling women to engage in the world of science and draw attention to inequalities.

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The first issue of Gender and Sciencewas published on 11 February. The date itself also has a symbolic value: 11 February is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and is celebrated around the world. The decision was adopted by the UN in 2015 to draw attention to the low percentage of female scientists – less than 30 percent worldwide.