Annual Report on the implementation of Gender Equality Policies in Greek Local/Regional Administrations

Greece has made significant strides in the field of gender equality and has significantly improved the position of women in society and in the workplace. In 2022, according to the Bank’s ‘Women, Business and the Law’ report, Greece will be the first country in the world to be in a position to offer women’s rights in business.

However, we still have a long way to go before achieving equality at all levels and in all sectors of our country. In addition to the organisational plan that exists and the actions that are being implemented, it is essential that we all contribute to a common vision of a society in which women and men have equal rights and equal opportunities.

In the National Gender Equality Action Plan 2021-2025, particular attention is given to strengthening the position of women at local level. The design and implementation of actions and projects to promote gender empowerment at municipal and regional level are necessary. The progress reflected in this report therefore reflects the importance of constant communication and good cooperation between central and decentralised authorities and administration.

The appropriate legislative framework, policy assistance and effective tools are widely available in our country. Through them we aim to improve women’s and girl’s empowerment, contribute to the elimination of gender-based violence, the equal participation of women in the labour market and in decision-making and leadership roles.

To achieve all this, however, the active attitude and action of citizens themselves is a prerequisite. The state offers more and more possibilities and opportunities, but it is also necessary to bring about change in our society through our individual example creating a world of Equality, Dignity, Dignity, Democracy and Freedom. 

The report can be found here.