The RI PEERS Gender Equality Observatory

Gender Equality is an increasingly critical issue upon which the European Commission is focused. Many observatories for monitoring and facing gender inequalities are active and operational at different scales on the European continent, from the local to the European level. These observatories are characterized by their respective purposes, themes, data collections, geographical dimension, and depth of study on specific topics.

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, a partner of the R&I Peers project, configured the R&I Peers Observatory (link: as an online and dynamic resource aiming to provide a global vision and facilitate access to the various observatories that are already working in Europe on Gender Equality. The R&I Peers Observatory enables access to Observatories on Gender Equality from the organisation to the European level, as well as to News and Projects on Gender Equality.

Contribution to the online observatory is encouraged through a participatory approach. Once registered, participants can add news or even a new observatory. Information on the R&I Peers Observatory is strictly moderated and verified with a view to ethics, appropriateness, etc.